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Debate Remix

Pursuing our seemly unquenchable thirst for ever more mediated experiences, a few of us went to a live audio/video remix of the presidential debate earlier tonight at Art Interactive. Some quick shots:



While the remix was interesting eye candy at first, it ultimately detracted. They made some attempts at helping us to process the debate — using the closed captioning to count the repetition of certain words, for instance.

It’s still great that they did it, though. What better argument against the broadcast flag?

The Economist: Rights to Remember

Each prong of the Bush doctrine places America in the position of promoting double standards, one for itself, and another for the rest of the world…. In a remarkably short time, the United States has moved from being the principal supporter of [the international human rights] system to its most visible outlier.


Fantasy President?

As an antidote to the gathering spectre of a dubious war, I had an overwhelming desire last night to watch the West Wing, the brilliant hollywood fantasy of a principled, liberal presidency. Unfortunately it wasn’t on, but TNT more than filled the void by airing Dave, the 1993 movie starring Kevin Kline.