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Cities 2007

Wow, I haven’t been home very much. In the last year, I spent at least one night in each of the following cities:
Cambridge, MA (home)
Gulfport, MS (10+)
Biloxi, MS (20+)
Seattle, WA (20+)
Cachagua, Chile (10)
Dublin, Ireland (3)
Chicago, IL (4)
New Orleans, LA (4)
Austin, TX (3)
Sebring, FL (3)
Norwich, VT (3)
Santa Fe, NM (3)
Tuscumbia, AL (2)
Hartford, CT (2)
Danville, VA (2)
Denver, CO (2)
Lakeville, CT
Lancaster, PA
Stroudsberg, PA
Harrisburg, PA
Loudon, NH
Brooklyn, NY
Albuquerque, NM
Manhattan, KS
Asheville, NC
Gadsden, AL
Omaha, NE