Evan at Millennium Park

Originally uploaded by dreeves.

My nephew (when your cousin has a baby, how are you related?) enjoys the fountain at the Millenium Park in Chicago.

Chicago is a fun place to be, especially when the weather is as nice as it was last weekend. For a Bostonian, Chicago seems very spacious — apartments are bigger, streets are bigger, there are more vacant lots, more unused space. It had an urban vibe that I hadn’t really experienced since C and I were in Berlin two years ago.

And there’s a lot Chicago shares with Berlin; a great music scene, small shops, and most importantly: space.

When space isn’t so precious, things can happen. It’s all about having some kind of critical balance of creative people in an environment that *isn’t* precious, so they can try things without huge amounts of debt, or watchdogs with too much time on their hands breathing down one’s neck.