Boylston & Mass Ave, 12am

Last night’s spontaneous celebration of the Red Sox victory was such a special, rare moment of unselfconscious, delirious joy.

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Aside from the whooping, hi-fives with strangers and cars honking, only two sustained chants from the crowd:

“YANKEES SUCK!” (of course)



I may have expected too much, but I had secretly hoped that the sox fans would forget about the yankees for once, and just revel in their own merits.

After a couple hours, Christine and I went home and watched the wrapup on the local news. The Channel 7 reporter, apparently at Fenway, had this to say about the celebration:

So, an efficient performance tonight by the Boston Police department…yak yak 4 arrests yak yak regained control yak yak riot gear

It reminded me a bit of the reporting of the war in Iraq; his commentary was based entirely on helicopter shots, cameras mounted high on buildings and conversations with police officers. Had he even bothered to walk among the crowd, he might have told a different story…