Frustrating around the edges

I’ve had my PowerBook G4 for about two years now, and overall, it’s been fantastic — the best laptop I’ve ever had.

Recently, though, I’ve been attaching more and more peripherals as I set up more of an official home office… and things aren’t working so well at the edges.

My setup includes:

  • Viewsonic 201mb monitor (1600×1200)
  • Lacie Bigger Disk (firewire)
  • D-link bluetooth USB card
  • Logitech external mouse
  • Apple bluetooth keyboard

The following problems seem to be unrelated, but collectively are driving me completely crazy:

  • Probably one out of every two times I connect the external monitor to the laptop, a thin line of fluorescent pixels appears at the top of the display, and gradually gets worse until the entire screen is shaking. I can fix it by disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times (often 4-5x), and once it works, it works for days.
  • The la cie drive seems to be causing random crashes when it’s being accessed. It’s bringing down the whole computer, and requiring a restart. Seems to be more common when playing music.
  • I have the mouse, bluetooth adapter and printer all connected through the monitor’s built-in USB hub. Every once in a while, it won’t power any of the peripherals. The only thing that seems to work is just disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times.

Has anyone else experienced any of this?