Monthly Archives: January 2003

New car

About a month ago, and after many years of ogling, I finally acquired a certain new-to-me old BMW — a 1988 E30 M3.
The original M3 was the product of BMW Motorsport’s desire to win the european touring car championships of the mid- to late-eighties, which was dominated at the time by entries from Mercedes and Ford. The touring car championship was production-based, which meant that at least 5000 examples of your race car had to be sold to the public for operation on the street.
The race car had to be identical in form, layout and engine configuration to the production model — no extra spoilers, or tube-frame chassis such as you see in some other racing series. So when BMW went out to win the touring car championship, the M3 was the result. Basically a racing car for the road.
And the funny thing is, it’s not very good for commuting. It has a high-strung, peaky engine, and the ride is pretty harsh. It responds best in places where you can really wring it out — either twisty, isolated mountain roads, or race tracks like this one and this one.
And that’s exactly how I intend to use it.

Europe and America must stand united

In this London Times op-ed, the leaders of eight european countries (including, surprisingly, Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic and Anders Rasmussen of Denmark) come out strongly in favor of supporting the US in its bid to make Iraq disarm.
Interestingly, they argue that the challenge to Iraq should be supported first to preserve cohesion between the United States and Europe, and secondarily, because it’s the right thing to do.

New Version

The new version of QuickBase is out as of very early Saturday morning. The list of major updates is here, along with a page describing the developer-oriented features we’ve released over the last six months.
We’re pretty excited about this release, and we think a number of the features are really going to make a big difference in the everyday usage of the product. Over the next few days, I’ll be describing some of the new features here in a little more detail. Stay tuned.